Boiled Tender Chicken in Soy Sauce comes out tender and easy to shred. You can use chicken breasts or a whole chicken. The chicken is so tender that it almost falls off anytime. The meat is balance with sweetness of scallions and Chinese spices and saltiness; it’s so good with rice and noodle.

The best part is it is super simple and easy to make. It is great for party and the kids adore this tender chicken.

Recpipe: Boiled Tender Chicken in Soy Sauce

Boiled Tender Chicken in Soy Sauce

Taste: Very delicious.

Features:The skin is shiny and the meat is tender.

Ingredients for Boiled Tender Chicken in Soy Sauce:

1 live tender hen (about 1,500 g or 3.3 lb)
100 grams (7 tbsp) cooking wine
30 grams (5 tsp) salt
5 grams (1/6 oz) aniseed
10 grams (1/3 oz) cinnamon
30 grams (1 oz) ginger chunks
50 grams (1 2/3 oz) sectioned scallions
1500 grams (3 cups) water

Directions to cook Boiled Tender Chicken in Soy Sauce:

1, Kill the chicken. Dress it and boil it for about 5 minutes.

2, Place the wok over a strong fire. Add the scallions, ginger, cinnamon, aniseed, water, cooking wine, salt and chicken. Cover the wok and bring to boil. Turn to al low fire to simmer for 1 hour and then take chicken out. When it cools, cut into chunks and pour on the sauce from the wok.

Tips: Never boil a frozen chicken – you always have to thaw it first.

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