Hangzhou soy-sauce duck is a kind of marinated duck. It is the typical flavor and adopted the traditional methods of the folk. The ducks are chosen from those stout and strong and good ones, and then are pickled and topped with soy-sauce. Well processed ducks usually in the bordeaux color are fragrant. They taste a bit salt and tiny sweet.

Hangzhou Soy sauce Duck

Ingredients for Hangzhou Soy sauce Duck: ( Serves 4 to 6 )

1.8kg Duck
2 cups dark soy sauce
1 cup light soy sauce
 2 cups brown sugar
12 Cloves Garlic crushed
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
10 star anise
4 cinnamon quills
7 Strips fresh oranges zest
3 cups shao hsing wine or dry sherry
8 spring onions scallions trimmed and cut in half crossways

Steps to cook Hangzhou Soy sauce Duck:

1. Place all  ingredients in a large stockpot .Add 6 litres (6 quarts) of cold water, and bring to the boil.

2. Reduce heat and simmer gently for about 40 minutes in order to allow the flavours to infuse.

3. At the same time, rinse duck under clean cold water.Trim away excess fat from inside and outside cavity.

4. Lower duck, breast-side down,add  into simmering stock, make sure it is fully submerged.Then Poach duck gently for exactly 25 minutes.

5. Now,there should be no more than an occasional ripple breaking the surface; adjust the temperature, if necessary, to ensure stock does not reach simmering point again. Remove stockpot immediately from the stove and allow duck to steep in the stock for 3 hours at room temperature to complete the cooking process.

6. Gently remove duck from the stock with tongs,, being careful not to tear the breast skin.Place duck on a tray to drain and  cool.

7. Chop the duck Chinese-style and arrange on a platter.

8. Spoon over some of the master stock and serve at room temperature.

 Because the duck has been steeped for more than 3 hours, it has an amazing intensity of colour from the soy and flavour from the aromatics – subtle hints of ginger, star anise, cinnamon and orange zest.So enjoy it!

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