Nanjing salted duck was called “tribute duck” in the Qing Dynasty. Nanjing salted duck is a dish with over 400 years of history, and is one of China’s most famous methods of preparing duck. Delicious and tender salted duck is a Nanjing specialty, rich in flavor but not too greasy. Salted duck hangs from many city shop windows and the best time to purchase and eat the duck is said to be Autumn is the high time for eating salted ducks. when the duck  is seasoned with Osmanthus  flowers and has a delicate flavor. The best place to sample  this dish is in the Wan Qing Lou Restaurant in the south of  the city.

About Nanjing:  ancient capital of six dynasties in China, has been famous all over the world for its duck meal, enjoying the fame of “capital of duck” throughout generations.

Recipe: Nanjing salted  duck

Nanjing salted  duck

Prep Time: mins
Cook Time: mins

INGREDIENTS Nanjing salted duck recipe:

    * 3 litres water
    * 200g salt
    * 200ml chicken stock
    * 50g ginger, sliced
    * 3g siau liang chiang
    * 5g chau khau
    * 1 piece nutmeg
    * 3g pai che
    * 5g rour kui
    * 1g cloves

Steps to cook Nanjing salted duck

1, Clean the duck and pat dry.

2, Mix all the other ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil. simmer for 30 minutes for the herbs to infuse.

3, Add the duck into the herbal stock and simmer for 45 minutes, turning occasionally. remove from heat and allow to cool. Cut the dark into pieces before serving.

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