Fish balls is a commonly cooked food in both southern China and overseas Chinese communities. Just as the name suggests, the ball is made of fish  meat that has been finely pulverized. Gourmet fish balls are pulverized by hand. 

Fish balls can make for a delicious appetizer. If you decide to pair them with a few of your favorite sides, they can also make for a tasty main course. Today, we’ll provides you a simple and delicious recipe for cooking fish balls.

Fish Balls

Ingredients for Fish Balls

* 1 lb. of boneless fish fillets
* 1 large onion
* 2 medium sized eggs
* A few teaspoons of condensed milk
* Salt to taste
* Pepper to taste

You can also add other seafood, meats and vegetables.

Steps to cook Fish Balls recipe

1, Steam or broil the boneless fish fillets until done, it will need approximately five to six minutes. You may use any type of fish, however white meat fish tends to work better.

2, Once the fish has cooked, drain it thoroughly and allow it to cool.

3, FInely chop the onion and mix it with the fish. The fish will break up and flake when you are doing it correctly.

4, Continue mixing, adding in the eggs, salt, pepper and condensed milk.

5, Once all the ingredients are mixed well, shape into balls (about the size of a golf ball.) Squeeze the excess moisture out of the fish balls with your hands.

6, Fry the fish balls in deep hot oil until they reach a golden brown color.

7, Remove the fish balls from the oil and drain on stacked paper towels. Serve the fish balls while they are hot, or place them in the refrigerator and serve them chilled.

Commonly we make Salmon Cakes often with canned salmon, so that would probably do well as a nice firm flavorful fish to use for this Fish Balls recipe (and it’s not that expensive!)

In the Fuzhou area, “Fuzhou fish ball” (福州鱼丸) is made from eel and has minced pork filling within the fish ball. Basically, it’s a pork meatball stuffed inside a fish ball. I was a bigger fan of the hefty Fuzhou-style fish balls filled with ground pork. Bite through the meaty, sproingy, fish ball exterior and you’re rewarded with a juicy, porky center. I like the bouncy texture of the fish ball, which comes from the meat being pounded instead of ground.

Fish Balls filled with pork

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