Li Hongzhang hotchpotch ,alsoLihongzhang Da Za Hui, is a popular Anhui dish named after one of Anhui’s famous personages. This fragrant chicken dish is believed to have been served to American guests when the chef was visiting that country. A number of rare ingredients are used in the preparation, including sea cucumber and magnolia slices.

Li Hongzhang was a top official of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) in china.When he was in office, he paid a visit to the US and hosted a banquet for all his American friends. As the specially prepared dishes continued to flow, the chefs, with limited resources, began to fret. Upon Li Hongzhang’s order, the remaining kitchen ingredients were thrown together into an impromptu stew, containing sea cucumber, squid, tofu, ham, mushroom, chicken meat and other less identifiable food materials! Thus appetites were quenched and a dish was created.

Li Hongzhang hotchpotch

Materials for Li Hongzhang hotchpotch:

raw chicken meat,  cooked white chicken meat, sea cucumbers, fish, fish maw soaked in oil, ham, squid, soaked dried bean milk cream rolls,  dried mushrooms, dried scallops, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, pork tripe.

Steps to cook Li Hongzhang hotchpotch

1, Slice the sea cucumbers, squid, fish maw, bamboo shoots, dried bean milk cream rolls and ham.

2, Add scallion, ginger slices and Shao-Hsing wine  to the pork tripe, chicken and scallops. Then steam until the flavor penetrates, then slice.

3, Cut the cooked chicken and ham into shreds.

4, Mash and season the fish, shape into balls, roll in the scallop strips and steam.

5, Add scallop balls, all other ingredients and condiments to chicken soup and boil until the flavor penetrates, transfer to a bowl and steam for five minutes.

6, Pour out the soup stock, thicken with cornstarch, then pour back into the hotchpotch.

7, Serve this Li Hongzhang hotchpotch dish.

Tips: about Anhui cuisine

Anhui cuisine (Hui Cai for short), one of the eight most famous cuisines in China, it consists of three styles: Yangtze River region (沿江) , Huai River region (沿淮) , and southern Anhui region (皖南) .The highly distinctive characteristic of Anhui cuisine lies not only in the elaborate choices of cooking materials but also in the strict control of cooking process.

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