Phoenix Tail Fish is a popular fish recipe that is both delicious and looks inviting. In tradition version, We choose mandarin fish (also called as Chinese perch) to cook this fish dish as it  thought to have a more delicate texture. The mandarin fish is very popular as food in China. Its name (鳜鱼, pinyin: guiyu) appears in many Chinese poems and books.

The mandarin fish or Chinese perch (Siniperca chuatsi) is a freshwater fish that lives in China. Its back is yellow, green or brown with many irregular black spots and patches. It has a big mouth and small round scales. Mandarin fish live in still water and move to deep water in winter. It should not be confused with the unrelated saltwater mandarinfish.

If freshwater mandarin fish are hard to come by, fine-textured ocean fish such as perch, grouper or snapper can be substituted. salmon, tuna, mackerel is also ok.

Recipe: Phoenix Tail Fish

Phoenix Tail Fish

Taste: Tasty and the meat is tender.

Features: It is delicious and looks inviting.

Ingredients for Phoenix Tail Fish:

3 small freshwater Mandarin fish (about 250 grams or 0.551b together)
10 grams (0.36oz)each of ham, scallions, ginger, carrots and bamboo shoots, all cut into shreds
1 egg white
1 gram (l/4tsp)MSG
3 grams (l/2tsp)salt
5 grams (Itsp) cooking wine
50 grams (3tbsp) water
10 grams (1.5tbsp) dry cornstarch
25 grams (1.5tbsp) mixture of cornstarch and water
250 grams (1 cup) cooking oil (only 50 grams or 4tbsp to be actually consumed)

Directions to cook Phoenix Tail Fish:

1, Cut the heads of the fish off, then cut along each spine to the tail. Separate the two halves of each fish to expose the bones while keeping the tail intact. Remove the ribs.

2, Make two slash cuts where the meat is thick without breaking the skin. Marinate the fish in egg white, 2 grams (I/3tsp)of salt and cornstarch-water mixture.

3, Heat the oil with a hot fire until it is about 50-60 degrees. Add in the fish and stew with low fire. When it is done, put the fish on a plate.

4, Keep 25 grams (2tbsp)of oil in the wok and throw in the ingredients, including 1 gram (l/6tsp)of salt, MSG, cooking wine and water. Thicken it with cornstarch-water mixture and then pour the gravy on the fish.

Tips: Apart from the middle section of the fish used to cook this dish, the other parts that have been cut off can be used to make fish soup to produce two dishes with one fish.

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