Pian Er Chuan (or :”Noodles with Preserved Vegetable, Sliced Pork, and Bamboo Shoots in Soup“) is popular Hangzhou noodle loved from century ago, one of Hangzhou people’s favorites.  The staple food of people who live in the south China are usually rice, they are not fans of food made from wheat or corn, such as noodles. But Pian Er Chuan noodle gained their love, because it is cooked in south way.

pian er chuan 1

The toppings major are preserved vegetables, sliced bamboo shoots and shredded lean meat,especially bamboo shoots and preserved vegetable are the most common dish on local’s dining table. It is featuring refreshing taste of preserved vegetables and sliced bamboo shoots. Pain Er Chuan was created by Kui Yuan Guan, and this restaurant nowadays changed its name as “Pain Er Chuan”. Pian Er Chuan restaurant have several outlets in Hangzhou and the most famous one is located in Bao Chu Lu.

Pian Er Chuan

Main ingredients:Noodles, lean pork slices, bamboo shoot slices .The noodles are smooth and refreshing. The meat is tender. The bamboo shoot slices are white, crisp and refreshing.

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