The vibrant color of red signifies happiness and luck. For this reason, it is always present at special celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and most of all the Chinese New Year. Red Bean Soup is one of the main desserts offered after a meal in most Chinese restaurants. This dessert soup is made of red azuki beans, which are small, dried sweet-flavored beans. It tastes amazingly fresh, perfect for summer.When served, it is plain most of the time. The fancier restaurants may offer red bean soup with sago or sometimes with glutinous rice balls.

 This red bean soup recipe is very easy, You can prepare it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Recipe: Red Bean Soup Dessert

Red Bean Soup Dessert Recipe

Red Bean Soup Dessert

Ingredients for Red Bean Soup Dessert Recipe:

500 gram red bean
200 gram granulated sugar
a pot of clean water

red bean

Directions to cook Red Bean Soup Dessert Recipe

1, Sieve red beans with a sieve and pick out small pebbles or stones among the red beans.

2, Wash the red beans under running tap water. Make sure the red beans are cleaned thoroughly

3, Add the red beans into a pot of clean water.

4, Heat the pot on the stove and keep it to boil. Open the cover of the pot to avoid water from flowing out. Boil it for approximately one hour

5, Use a ladle to scoop up some red beans

6, Examine the red beans. If the red beans split open means that they are well-cooked

7, Add in granulated sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved

8, Keep it aside to cool. When it is cooled enough, pour the red bean soup into a bowl.

Now, your sweet and delicious red bean soup is ready to be served. Put some ice cubes to enhance its taste. Feel free and relaxing while having a bowl of red bean soup particularly during summer and spring time.  This red bean soup is actually a nifty way to use up leftover red beans, or you can start from scratch, as we do here. Either way, don’t be shy about the jerk seasoning.


1, The dried lotus seeds, with a slight nutty flavor, can be added to create a dramatic contrast in color and texture.

2, You can Add a piece of dried orange peel (half an orange) gives the soup a lovely tangy flavour. You can make this peel by saving all those peels from the abundant mandarin oranges eaten during the period. Scrape off all the white piths with a knife and sun for several days. Then keep them in the freezer and it will last indefinitely.

3, You can also add a handful of sago pearls towards the last 10 minutes of boiling. It gives an interesting texture (slightly chewy).

4, Red Bean Soup is often served cold during the summer, and hot in the winter. Red bean soup serves better when it is chilled. You may also freeze the red bean soup to make some red bean ice cream ice stick or popsicle, using the Leftover red bean soup, maybe.

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