Salted Mustard Green with Duck Soup is one of the  ‘must have’ traditional soup recipes during Chinese New Year reunion dinner.This simple clear soup is delicious eaten on cold days. Besides tasting wonderful, it is also so simple to make which makes it sound great to make during festive cooking rush hours. All you have to do is to get yourself a robust duck, minimum ingredients and the rest is left mainly to the simmering over low heat!There are 2 ways to cook this soup.And today I ‘ll share you how to cook it in a traditional Hokkien style, plain and simple.

Salted Mustard Green with Duck Soup

Ingredients for Salted Mustard Green with Duck Soup:

1 duck ,approx. 2kg,
500g local or Chinese salted mustard greens
2 wet sour plum or 2 pieces tamarind
2 nutmeg seeds
20-30 kei chee
5 fresh red chilies
30 white peppercorns

Preparation for Salted Mustard Green with Duck Soup:

duck:discard all fats, neck, head and feet,(if you like you can Stay them),blanche in boiling water for 5 minutes,drain and set aside.
Cut the salted mustard greens into 5cm lengths. Cut into pieces. Clean and drain.
Make a slit and remove seeds of chilies (do not slice open completely)
crack the nutmeg shell to remove seeds.

Method to cook Salted Mustard Green with Duck Soup:

1,Fill a pot with 4-5 rice bowls of water. Bring to boil and add salted mustard greens. Slow boil the salted mustard greens with pot covered until it is half cooked.
2,Add duck, pepper, tamarind pieces OR sourplums, nutmeg seeds and chilies. Check water level, top up till it covers ingredients.
3,Cover pot and slow boil till duck and salted mustard green are soft. Simmer for 1/2 and hour.
4,Serve hot.
1,A good guide to amount of water to start with would be to use the ratio of 2:1 of water to salted mustard greens. While soup is boiling, taste for saltiness. Either add water if it is too salty or remove tamarind pieces. If left too long in the soup, it will make the soup too sour.

 2,Be sure to drain the pickled mustard cabbage when you open it and if you do not want the flavour to be too intense, soak it in warm water for a few minutes.

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