Sweet Green Bean Soup is an easy Chinese soup dessert that is cooling and sweet, so it is suitable for the HOT-rible weather (the same with Red Bean Soup ). Green beans (or some call ‘mung beans’) are considered by Chinese as a ‘cooling’ food, it is commonly believed that Green Bean Soup is suitable for reducing the heatiness in the body and some also believe it is a good alternative home remedy for acne (maybe it works by bringing down the body heat?). I just love making this because it’s so easy and tasty.

 This red bean soup recipe is very easy, You can prepare it yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are different version that adds different ingredient to give a different taste to it. The Cantonese version of the Green Bean Soup has dried orange peel added to it for a tangy taste. The smell of orange and the chewing of the soft green beans will give one a great eating experience.

Recipe: Sweet Green Bean Soup

Sweet Green Bean Soup

Sweet Green Bean Soup

Ingredients for Sweet Green Bean Soup

# 1 cup dried Green Bean (mung beans)
# 1 tablespoon dried coconut milk powder or 1/4 cup coconut milk
# 4 -5 cups water
# 1/4 cup white sugar
# 3 -4 pandan leaves (optional)

Directions to cook Sweet Green Bean Soup:

1, Wash the green beans, drain.

2, Add the green beans in saucepan with lid, cover with water.

3, Cover with lid, simmer for about 15 minutes over low heat.

4,  Add pandan leaves (tie them into a knot for easy removal later), continue to simmer for another 15 minutes.

5, After the beans are very soft and some are split, turn off heat and remove leaves Add sugar (do taste before adding too much).

6, Just before serving, add the coconut milk.

 7, Serve hot.

A good Green Bean Soup is one where the diner can chew the green bean with ease and when it you slow, one can feel the smoothness of the soup going down your throat.

Note: It is said that females should avoid consuming this during ‘that time of the month’ as this is too cooling and may cause heavier flows.

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