As the saying goes: Winter tonic the coming year, killing a tiger. It’s getting cold now and in such a season, a soup would be a best dish for the family.

Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup is a simple and quick soup and can be ready in 40 minutes. Yes, it is that easy. This soup does not qualify as a slow simmered soup as it needs a fast boil. Very suitable for moms who are home late and need to whip up nutritious yet fast soups.

This soup needs two major ingredients: Pork and Wolfberry Fruit. Wolfberry fruits are usually dried, wrinkled berries which can be bought from any good Chinese medical hall or herbalist. Quality berries are large and plump, not shrivelled beyond recognition. These berries are very good for eyes . Mostly they help with the Liver and Kidney meridians. That’s why they’re beneficial for remedying Kidney Qi deficiency which brings about problems like lower back pain, impotence, dizziness and tinnitus. It helps lowers blood pressure , lowers blood sugar levels and lowers blood cholesterol levels besides acting as a liver tonic and nourishing blood.

Recipe:Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup

Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup

Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup

Taste: Salty, but with a slight sweet taste.

Features: The white soup has a touch of red color.

Ingredients for Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup:

150 grams (1/3 lb.) lean pork leg meat
25 grams (0.9 oz) tender wolfberry fruit (red fruit of a bush related to the honeysuckle)
50 grams (1/9 lb.)) bamboo shoots
5 grams (5/6 tsp.) salt
3 grams (3/4 tsp.) MSG
5 grams (1 tsp.) sesame oil
15 grams (1 tbsp.) cooking wine

Directions to cook Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup:

1, Cut the pork and bamboo shoots into thin slices. Soak the wolfberry fruit in water to make the berries soft.

2. Add 750 grams (1.5 cups) of water in a pot. Add the bamboo shoots and when it boils, add the pork. Skim the blood foam off of the surface of the liquid after it boils, add the salt, cooking wine, MSG and wolfberry fruit and cook for 5 more minutes. Put the soup in a serving bowl and sprinkle on the sesame oil.

3, This Wolfberry Fruit with Sliced Pork Soup is ready to serve.

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