Tiger-skin Green Peppers, or Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper, is actually green pepper’s ‘monologue’. The appearance of the Green Peppers is fried to be tiger-skin color, so it is commonly known as Hu Pi Jiao Jiao in Chinese. It can be made either spicy or mild according to the variety of the green pepper used.

Tiger-skin Green Peppers is made completely out of Green Peppers. It tastes delicious, seared on the outside but quite tender insider. Also green chili peppers have a high nutritional value, probably ‘top of the vegetables’. According to analysis, the content of Vitamin C in 1 kilogram of chili peppers is 35 times of that of the eggplant of the same weight and 9 times of that of the tomato of the same weight.

Recipe: Tiger-skin Green Peppers

Tiger-skin Green Peppers

Tiger-skin Green Peppers

Taste: Tender.

Features: Beautiful in color.

Style: Sichuan (Szechuan) Cuisine

Ingredients for Tiger-skin Green Peppers recipe:

500 grams (1.1 lb) green pepeprs
300 grams (3/5 cup) salad oil (only 1/6 to be consumed)
15 grams (1 2/3 tsp) soy sauce
5 grams (1 tsp) sugar
1 gram (1/4 tsp) MSG
1 gram (1/6 tsp)salt, or to taste
50 grams (3 tbsp) water
5 grams (1 tsp) sesame oil

Method to cook Tiger-skin Green Peppers recipe:

1, Remove the seeds from the green peppers but do not cut into pieces.

2, Heat the salad oil to 110-1735℃ (230-275℉). Deep-fry the green pepeprs until bubbles appear on the skin and they turn to light green in color.

3, Keep 30 g (2 tbsp) oil in the wok, add the green peppers, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, water, and salt. Bring it to boil and then turn the fire to low to let simmer for 3 minutes. Change to strong fire to boil off some of the soup. Add the MSG, sprinkle the sesame oil and stir. Remove from the wok and serve on a plate. Tiger-skin Green Peppers is ready.

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