Chinese irish Potato Salad Recipe

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June 26, 2010  Looking for a spicy alternative to the classic potato salad? Chinese irish Potato Salad Recipe is a quick and easy recipe to make. Chinese seasonings and bok choy make this fusion recipe a flavorful alternative to standard potato salad.This salad is one of my favourites as the taste of the bacon, potatoes, bok choy, red pepper, {Tags: } {More...}

tofu with oyster sauce recipe:Step by step

Chinese tofu recipes
June 25, 2010 Tofu (Chinese dòufu, Japanese tōfu), or bean curd,is a soft white food made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. It is of Chinese origin.Tofu is low in calories, contains a relatively large amount of iron and contains little fat. Depending on the coagulant used in manufacturing, the tofu may {Tags: , } {More...}

Chicken and conch soup with honey dew melon

Chinese soup
June 24, 2010 Chicken and conch soup with honey dew melon, is a famous dish of the Cantonese cuisine that is good for your kidneys and skin.Also known as Chicken Soup with Honeydew Melon and Trumpet Shell .Serves 3-4. Ingredients for Chicken and conch soup with honey dew melon :   Fresh conch feet — 600g Chicken feet — one pair {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Chinese Radix Astragali Recipes(HuangQi Recipes)

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June 23, 2010 Astragalus ( Huang Qi )  Usage: tonify spleen & lung Qi – raises Spleen & Stomach Qi (prolapse) tonify Wei Qi – stabilize exterior tonify Qi and blood due to loss of blood – postpartum fever promotes urination – Edema – discharge of pus – generates flesh Chinese Radix Astragali Recipes 1. He shou Wu {Tags: , } {More...}

Twice-cooked Pork with Spicy Sauce

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June 22, 2010 Twice-cooked Pork with Spicy Sauce , also known as Double Cooked Pork Slices or Sautéed Sliced Pork with Pepper and Chili,  is a kind of Chinese cooking in the traditional dishes of pork. This is a famous dish of the Sichuan cuisine, Which means boiled once and stir fried once. Interestingly, I have never found {Tags: , } {More...}

Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil

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June 21, 2010 “Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil ”,also been translated as Boiled fish, is one of the best famous chinese food Sichuan flavor, also soup also food. It is a relatively new Si Chuan Cuisine Dish,with a history of about twenty years.It was first popular in Si Chuan, where it was invented. About 10 years ago, it was {Tags: , , } {More...}

Three Delicacy Stuffing Fried Leek Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings
June 20, 2010 Chinese dumplings is popular in America and all over the world. But not too many people know the “Three Delicacy Stuffing Fried Leek Dumplings” . Unless you have been to China, Then you know that it is so popular in China,especially in Northern China.You can find them in every street.However,a lots of people might feel {Tags: } {More...}