Winter Melon Soup With Pork Spare Ribs

Chinese soup
November 5, 2010 No meal is complete without soup. I LOVE SOUP~ usually it needs time to be accomplished, but it’s worthy!!! This is a basic winter melon soup with pork spareribs, which results in a delicate stock that lends flavor to the mild winter melon. The soup is meant to be simple and light, but you can {Tags: , } {More...}

Kelp and Pork Rib Soup

Chinese soup
September 24, 2010 It’s getting cold now. The air is so dry that my throat is not comfortable. As the saying goes: Winter tonic the coming year, killing a tiger. In such a season, a soup would be a best dish for the family. Kelp and Pork Rib Soup, is a very easy to make and delicious homemade {Tags: , } {More...}

Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper

chinese pork recipes
September 13, 2010 Spicy salt and pepper mix lends flavor to fried spareribs. This fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper recipe has a strongly inviting aroma. It is bright in color and tastes salty, fresh and a little bit hot. The pork Ribs are crispy and delicious. “Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper”  is a popular {Tags: , , , } {More...}